Financial planning is key to the success of your business. Truly understanding financial and strategic nuances, projections, reports, KPIs, etc. can provide significant benefits, including overcoming challenges that constrain your growth, while alleviating the pressure off owners and management in anticipation of sustained growth.

Hiring a full-time Chief Financial Officer can be very costly. Experienced CFO’s, depending upon the industry and location can command base salaries of $200,000 or more. Add to that bonuses, benefits, taxes, overhead, and more, and you can easily be looking at spending more than $300,000-$350,000 annually. The vast majority of small businesses, however, are not at the stage where they can use a high-powered CFO on a full-time basis. The complexities of a small, growing business are such that a part-time, or fractional CFO is exactly what is needed to provide financial leadership without breaking the corporate piggybank.

Why and When a Chief Financial Officer is Needed:

  • Prepare you Management and Board Presentations
  • Raise Capital
  • Liaise with Potential Investors
  • Reduce financial risks
  • Forecast growth, cash flow and expense management
  • Improve margins
  • Define long-term financial and strategic goals
  • Bring diverse areas of expertise and objectivity to project-based or ongoing work
  • Flexibility to pay for only what you need
  • Scalable

Don’t just take our word for it; hear it from the mouths of our clients:

“They have a unique ability to effectively understand new business models and then quickly translate that understanding into a detailed model that my management team and I could use to make better investment decisions.” Jason Feingold, Founder & CEO of Acadaca

“The CEO’s Right Hand really helped to put together the financial story behind Bulletproof’s success so that I could share it effectively with potential investors. Because we were already running on all cylinders managing Bulletproof’s rapid growth, we simply didn’t have the resources to craft an effective and compelling investor presentation. It worked, and it rapidly accelerated our fundraising without causing me to take my foot off the accelerator to make time for the arduous task of preparing to raise capital.” Dave Asprey, CEO of Bulletproof

“We hired The CEO’s Right Hand to help augment my finance and accounting functions. They have been invaluable to help across a variety of functions and projects: from rearchitecting our financial forecast/modeling tool, to assistance with our bank credit facility applications and renewals, interfacing with our outside auditors, working with the members of the Management Team to represent financial strategy as needed, and more. We are too small to need a full-time CFO, but we are too big to make it without the help from The CEO’s Right Hand” Thomas Moysak, CEO of Xtiva Financial Systems

Outsourced CFOs are key to helping your business grow exponentially. We customize our approach based on your need (a little to a lot) to help build your financial infrastructure using a combined approach of personal experience, system expertise, and our professional network.

Learn how The CEO’s Right Hand Outsourced CFO services can be an effective alternative for you! (646) 277-8728.