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Crispy Green

Food Industry

Crispy Green is a leading branded purveyor of better-for-you fruit-based snacks to retailers and consumers both in the U.S. and abroad. The company needed strategic financial advice and human resource capabilities to grow and scale the business and decided to hire The CEO’s Right Hand.

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Technology/SaaS and Services

Digitalware is a technology software and services provider that safeguards critical operations by delivering innovative risk management products and leading-edge cybersecurity solutions for complex organizations. It decided to work with The CEO’s Right Hand because it wanted a partner with an operational and financial background who could help get the company running while serving as a strategic financial advisor. 

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True Turnkey

Real Estate

True Turnkey buys properties, renovates them, then resells the properties to investors who wish to earn a hassle-free passive income. The company hired The CEO’s Right Hand to develop consistent and predictable finance and accounting processes and systems that would allow them to run their business without financial distractions. 

Strata logo

Strata Sustainability

Environmental Management Services

Strata Sustainability is a developer of environmentally friendly waste management and resource recovery systems. Knowing that the company had tremendous potential, they hired The CEO’s Right Hand to act as a strategic advisor and to work by their side as they launched and grew the new business.



SaaS, InsureTech

Jones is a SaaS company that solves the most archaic workflow in real estate – insurance certificates. The software automates the full life cycle of insurance operations from extraction and collection to approvals and resolution across any transaction in real estate, all from one simple application and API. Jones hired The CEO’s Right Hand to help them build a strong financial foundation that could support the companies growth.

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Jennifer Brown Consulting

Business Services

As a certified woman- and LGBT-owned strategic leadership and diversity consulting firm, Jennifer Brown Consulting understands how important it is to empower leaders to drive positive organizational change and the future of work in today’s rapidly changing business landscape.

XTIVA logo



Xtiva Financial Systems is a leading provider of sales performance management solutions to the financial services industry. Building upon its roster of leading clients including Ameriprise, AXA Financial, LPL Financial and RBC, Xtiva has become a trusted partner to clients throughout North America.

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Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG)

Founded in 2011, Bulletproof is a premier lifestyle brand that sells innovative coffee, ready to drink beverages, quality fats, proteins, collagen bars and other quality snacks, and dietary supplements for upgrading the mind and body. Bulletproof has successfully differentiated its products from the competition by merging the science of biohacking with its products and services.



Continuing Education

With more than 2.5 million credits earned by its customers, Lawline is one of the leaders in the online continuing education business for attorneys throughout the United States. Through expert faculty members, who provide content for the coursework via videos and webinars, Lawline provides courses that enable attorneys to meet their CLE requirements easily and cost-effectively.

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