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Digitalware offers cybersecurity solutions to help businesses understand, manage, and reduce their vulnerabilities.

“William and his team helped develop the infrastructure and people I needed to grow and scale my company. In my experience, having a suite of services all in one team has been invaluable in building a solid foundation for my business. From strategy and operations, to finance and fundraising, to accounting – I would recommend The CEO’s Right Hand to any CEO who is serious about growth.”
Dan Singer, Founder and CEO of Digitalware

The Client

Digitalware is a technology software and services provider that safeguards critical operations by delivering innovative risk management products and leading-edge cybersecurity solutions for complex organizations. Dan Singer, the company’s CEO, founded the organization in 2016 after two decades of experience in the industry. He wanted to build a company to help businesses reduce their technical and strategic risks by protecting their data, assets, and operations.

The Challenge

When Dan founded Digitalware, he had a vision for the company’s future. He also had a background in technology with product development, program management, marketing, and sales skills, which would be invaluable. However, he had never built a business from scratch and knew he had blind spots. For instance, he needed to choose the proper business structure, secure funding, set up operations, and develop a financial infrastructure – activities that did not fall within his realm of expertise.

Dan wanted a partner with an operational and financial background who could help him get the company running while serving as his strategic financial advisor. He asked his network for recommendations and found The CEO’s Right Hand. Their team of finance and accounting professionals who had years of experience building, buying, and selling companies was impressive. So, Dan decided to bring them on board.

The Solution

The team at The CEO’s Right Hand worked with Dan from inception to create the blueprint to launch a leading-edge technology company. They guided him through the structuring and operational decisions and helped him find and hire the right people. They also put a scalable accounting solution in place and brought in a controller and bookkeeper to manage day-to-day operations. Finally, they worked with him to develop the budgets, financial models, and cash flow forecasts they needed to pursue funding and monitor the business’ health so it could grow and scale.

As is the case with many early-stage businesses, Digitalware decided to pursue (and continues to pursue) numerous ventures on its path to success – new lines of business, partnerships, and even acquisitions. The CEO’s Right Hand has remained at its side the whole way, securing funding, communicating with stakeholders, handling business details, helping with integrations, establishing processes, and providing strategic advice to keep things on track.

As the company evolved, it decided to build a risk management product called Epiphany. Epiphany started as a business unit, but Dan ultimately decided that it should be its own company. So, once again, The CEO’s Right Hand got to work – handling the mechanics of spinning off a company, laying the financial and operational foundation for the new organization, and finding the right people to manage it, including its finances. They also helped build the processes and procedures they needed to run the business, such as clear hiring procedures and compensation packages.

The Results

What started as a dream is now a thriving organization. Digitalware, and its affiliated entities, employs approximately sixty people and this is just the start. The business is well poised to continue its exponential growth by investing in people, new projects, and complementary solutions. The CEO’s Right Hand is working with the organization’s executive team on the next capital raise to provide the necessary “fuel” to continue to deliver on the company’s vision.