“As a strategic advisor / Board member for my firm, Crispy Green Inc., William helped us navigate through some turbulent times, including the tariffs imposed on Chinese made products, and challenges with growing the company. William has the ability to cull through a lot of data quickly, get to the heart of issues and provide sound advices on a wide range of areas from assessing business opportunities, dealing with investment bankers, to hiring C-level executives and advisors. As an entrepreneur who has sat in the CEO seat before, he has a great understanding of what it takes to build and manage an organization. Even though he does not have food industry experience, his business acumen and strategic mind-set have been able to add significant value to me and my company. Having someone from a completely different background and with a neutral perspective, has provided new insights to the Board which have been vital to us as we make critical decisions across all areas of the business. While I have not worked directly with the rest of the team at The CEO’s Right Hand, I am confident in William’s abilities, the team and service offerings he’s assembled, and am very glad he has been working with us for the past few years.
Angela Liu, CEO of Crispy Green, CPG


“When I first retained the services of The CEO’s Right Hand, I had recently formed my cybersecurity software company, Digitalware. I was familiar running large programs and technology systems integration initiatives for major organizations, so I knew well that I needed strategic and operational help in launching and growing my company. From the beginning, William and his team helped implement the infrastructure and people that I needed to achieve the scale I needed. To this day, they are able to navigate the nuances of a complex business and communicate effectively, both internally with my management team and externally with lenders, auditors, vendors, investors, and more. In my experience, having the suite of services from strategy and operations, to finance and fundraising, to accounting, all in one team has been invaluable in building the solid foundation of our business.”
Dan Singer, CEO of Digitalware, Inc., Technology


“Jones is a fast-growing PropTech company with a business model that has evolved over the past couple of years. The team at The CEO’s Right Hand has been very helpful in ensuring we have the proper financial reporting and accounting processes in place. In addition, their strategic advice has been essential in supporting me in discussions with my Board and institutional investors as we have gone through our capital raise process. I have leveraged team members from across the firm from bookkeeping to financial modeling to strategic finance. For anyone looking to build a successful business, you need to call The CEO’s Right Hand.”
Omri Stern, CEO Jones, Saas/PropTech


“We have been working with the team from The CEO’s Right Hand since 2018 and have had a fantastic experience. From strategic advice to assisting with our working capital bank facility to managing the bookkeeping and accounting functions, JBC relies on the advice and expertise of the TCRH team every day. They are knowledgeable, professional, responsive and frankly a joy to work with. I don’t view them as a “vendor”, but a true financial business partner. I am confident that with their help I will be able to grow and scale JBC more quickly and more efficiently than without them.” 
Jennifer Brown, CEO of Jennifer Brown Consulting, Business Services


“Working with the team at The CEO’s Right Hand has enabled me to focus on running and growing my business. I no longer worry about the finance function because my CFO, Luke, is on top of all the moving parts. From cashflow to working with the bank to managing the accounting/bookkeeping function, he provides an invaluable service to me and the rest of my team at WCS. His professionalism and timeliness, in addition to the quality of his work, is key to our being a very satisfied client. And, I know that the rest of the TCRH team is available to me whenever I have the need. The CEO’s Right Hand is a key component to my operational infrastructure, and I depend on them every day.” Jeff Singer, President of Washington Computers, Technology

“Having The CEO’s Right Hand as part of the team has made a tremendous impact on our ability to not only see what has happened, but provides us with critical insight into where we are headed, enabling us to adjust our strategy and tactics to achieve our growth goals for the company. Without their help, we would be flying blind.” David Schnurman, CEO & Founder of Lawline, Education


There is no getting around that as a co-founder and ex-CEO/CFO of Xtiva, William is intimately familiar with all the inner workings of the firm. However, it was clear that after he left, we still needed financial guidance and assistance in fiscal planning. Therefore, I made the decision to hire The CEO’s Right Hand to help augment my finance and accounting functions. They have been invaluable to help across a variety of functions and projects: from rearchitecting our financial forecast/modeling tool, to assistance with our bank credit facility applications and renewals, interfacing with our outside auditors, working with the members of the Management Team to represent financial strategy as needed, and more. We are too small to need a full-time CFO, but we are too big to make it without the help from The CEO’s Right Hand.” Thomas Moysak, CEO of Xtiva Financial Systems, Saas/FinTech


“One of the ways that I have been able to build and grow my firm is by leveraging the experience of experts in their fields. The CEO’s Right Hand has built a fantastic team of professionals that I can tap into on an as-needed basis. Our CFO, Rich, has proven to be a top-notch financial expert and his 20+ years of experience in working in the food industry is invaluable to me as I take the company to the next level.”

Angela Liu

CEO, Crispy Green