Our firm specializes in providing services that are based on the direct experience of our team in launching, building, managing and advising hundreds of companies.

Companies come to us to help them overcome financial challenges that keep them from realizing their full potential. Our deeply experienced team of financial and accounting professionals provide expertise, solve acute problems efficiently and cost-effectively, and drive incremental growth.

Simply put: we make companies stronger, smarter, better, and faster.


Financial Consulting

At The CEO’s Right Hand, we act as your financial business partner, helping you understand not just what is going on in the business, but why. And, more importantly, how you and your team can achieve your business goals, leveraging our expertise in all things Finance. Because we have sat in the owner’s shoes, we understand well the various, and sometimes conflicting, needs of your team, employees, investors, vendors, and more.  Our experience enables us to combine the necessary technical skills of evaluating and implementing sound fiscal policies within the context of the bigger picture, i.e. the corporate goals as established by the founder/CEO or Board of Directors.



When you start your small business, debits and credits are not typically on the top list of priorities and keeping records of your financials are may not be on your list of strengths. However, avoiding reporting or having non-accountants maintaining your books will inevitably lead to problems that could be costly, both in terms of your time and potentially, lower profits. Our accountants provide a wide range of accounting services from the standard daily/weekly transaction processing to vendor management, customer invoicing, payroll processing, and more. Furthermore, we prepare detailed monthly financial reporting packages that provide you with the details of the historical results for the firm. In addition, we concentrate on implementing sound processes and controls that will prevent problems from occurring as well as diligently clean up existing books that may be challenged by errors, inconsistencies, or inaccuracies.


Capital Raising

Our team helps CEO’s/entrepreneurs understand the full spectrum of capital raising opportunities. Our Capital Raise Roadmap helps drive the process from needs assessment, financial modeling, pitch deck generation, use of funds, pro forma cap table, financing structure/options, assistance with due diligence, term sheets, and working with legal counsel to finalize the deal. We “arm” you with all the necessary materials to go to market for maximum effectiveness, whether you are looking for equity (seed through Series C) or debt (either bank or non-bank). We will provide comprehensive coaching for people that want to do the investor pitch meetings themselves or we will attend the meetings as your CFO.


Tax Planning

When managing your business, tax planning is an integral part of the financial picture. We have witnessed firsthand major financial beyond the transactional work of filing all necessary returns (federal and state income tax, state sales tax, payroll tax, 1099 forms, etc.). We can provide a holistic plan that encompasses your current corporate situation, your corporate goals AND the impact to you personally.

There are also potential tax-saving strategies and opportunities you can take advantage of such as the R&D credits, deferring tax liabilities, using investments to produce income that is tax exempt, and finding tax deductions by structuring your plan accordingly.


Human Resources

In many respects having a successful HR strategy and infrastructure is the most important part of building a scalable organization. At most companies, the assets walk out the door every single day. Ensuring you attract and retain the highest caliber employees should be a critical part of your strategic planning. If you are in need of a broad-based human capital strategy or assistance with HR administration, we can help you optimize your efforts by helping to assess your existing organizational structure, plan, and execute effective policies and procedures that affect your workforce management.

“The CEO’s Right Hand is a major asset to the company. We would not be where we are today without their help over the past year. They quickly learned our business model and translated the finance and operational drivers into actionable goals for the entire team.”

Michael Kim

CEO, Adgorithmics

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