Hiring the people you need to grow and scale your company is crucial work, yet many small and medium-sized businesses lack the expertise to do so with confidence. At The CEO’s Right Hand, we have developed a meticulous process for sourcing finance talent because that’s who we are. Since we are a leading provider of fractional finance executives, we are well versed in understanding the needs of our clients to have the optimal financial leadership in place.

Our recruiters have over 20 years of HR experience across various industries. But we only recruit for financial positions: Chief Financial Officers, Vice Presidents of Finance / Accounting, Controllers, Directors of FP&A, etc. We specialize because we know the expertise and leadership competencies required of a successful financial executive like the back of our hands. It’s in our DNA. We collaborate with your team to develop and execute an executive search plan by delivering the following services:

Role and

We work with key team members to clarify the demands and necessary skillsets, then craft compelling job descriptions and compensation plans to attract qualified candidates.


Using our financial industry contacts, HR expertise, and various recruiting tools, we tap into our deep network of industry relationships to source the most promising applicants.

Candidate Vetting

We conduct the first round of interviews and develop a short list of applicants that meet the full range of agreed-upon criteria to ensure that you will only meet with competent prospects.


We manage the interview process from start to finish. We provide background information on each candidate, share interview guidance, and coordinate scheduling.


We realize salary negotiations are tricky. We perform direct and back-channel reference checks and offer suggestions and advice on how to negotiate successfully.


We stay in close communication with candidates throughout the process, keeping them abreast of what to expect and where things stand to ensure an exceptional experience.

What to Expect from a Finance Executive Search


Like most executive search firms, The CEO’s Right Hand has a disciplined approach to sourcing and vetting the best financial executives. However, since no two clients are alike, we customize our methods to fit your needs, providing the best consultative approach to suit your unique situation.

In addition to our executive search services, we offer a full range of strategic, financial, operational, and HR services. We have built and sold our own companies, so we know what it takes to construct a desirable business and what it is like to be in your shoes. Our services work together to create an efficient and successful team that can grow and scale with your company.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do your accounting and finance search services work?

A typical engagement starts with clarifying the positions you need to fill and discussing your company’s unique requirements before building job descriptions requesting skill sets aligned to your key business objectives. Then, we get to work – we use our network to find promising candidates and perform a vetting process designed to narrow the pool of job seekers to the most qualified and motivated applicants.

Once we have refined the prospect list, we walk you and the applicants through the interview process, keeping both parties engaged and informed at every step to ensure a good experience. Finally, once you have identified a desirable applicant, we help you check their references and negotiate a compelling yet fair compensation arrangement.

How much do financial executive search services cost?

We offer financial executive search services under an exclusive contingency search model. In other words, our clients hire us to do the work of finding and recruiting candidates and only hire applicants that are the result of our mutual efforts. This approach ensures a respectful and collaborative executive search experience because both parties have an equal stake in the project’s success.

We charge a 10% monthly retainer fee up-front, then 50% of the balance when the candidate begins employment, and the remainder after they have completed 90-days of employment. Our total fee varies depending on the position and compensation.

The CEO’s Right Hand also offers a 90-day guarantee. If a candidate we place is terminated within 90-days, either voluntarily or involuntarily, we will find a replacement candidate at no additional cost.