Every successful CEO has a trusted advisor at his/her “Right Hand” who provides leadership, guidance, and insights to help execute the long-term vision for the business.

At The CEO’s Right Hand, Inc.®️ we act as advisors so that our clients can focus on the core strengths of their company.

Comprised of a team of leaders with decades of experience among us, our firm offers a full suite of strategic, financial, marketing, operational and HR services to clients who need assistance growing or scaling the business, are resource-constrained and prefer to outsource C-level help, need assistance raising capital or preparing their company for exit.

With years of application in the professional arena, our team is able to provide guidance to both startups, who are just finding their footing, to established companies with years of history.

We combine the knowledge of the world of business with emerging technological advances which allows us to counsel clients and help leading-edge companies grow. Our firm has experience across a spectrum of industries and company sizes/stages. We also have a network of professionals, in other disciplines, with whom we work and whose skill set compliments our own.

We believe in working closely with the leadership of our client companies to first understand their vision for the company.

We then shape our process around each client to help them drive growth, avoid common pitfalls, and implement a sound fiscal strategy. This approach allows us to transform businesses strategically, operationally, and financially.

We’re headquartered in New York, with team members located in key metropolitan areas across the United States including Boston, Chicago, and San Francisco. We invite you to read more about our team and learn about our skills to see how we can use our experience to help you with your business challenges.

“The CEO’s Right Hand is a major asset to the company. We would not be where we are today without their help over the past year. They quickly learned our business model and translated the finance and operational drivers into actionable goals for the entire team.”

Michael Kim

CEO, Adgorithmics