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Makosi partners with accounting teams to deliver high-quality, technology-enabled variable workforce solutions, including audit, assurance, and advisory services.

I just wanted to say that the comprehensiveness and usefulness of this model and how it has evolved is outstanding! It really provides a great view of the business.”

Wayne Caplan, CFO of Makosi

The Client

Founded in 2006, Makosi partners with accounting teams around the world to deliver high-quality, technology-enabled variable workforce solutions, including audit, assurance, and advisory services.

The Challenge

Makosi’s original business model consisted of bringing South African Chartered Accountants to the United States and placing them on a temporary basis with accounting firms during the annual financial audit busy season. The switch to remote work because of the global pandemic created an opportunity for Makosi to transition to providing Chartered Accountants based in South Africa on a remote basis to accounting firms all over the world. As a result of the change, Makosi’s business and revenue grew exponentially in a very short period. The leadership needed help to rapidly scale its finance function to keep up with the growth of the company. 

The Solution

Makosi partnered with The CEO’s Right Hand (“TCRH”) to provide senior finance leadership to help them implement accounting and finance procedures to match the company’s growth. TCRH placed a fractional CFO and a Senior FP&A professional with the company. As the organizational structure solidified, Makosi also needed a full-time Global Controller. TCRH was asked to help fill this new role, and after an extensive search utilizing its network, TCRH was able to identify the perfect candidate. The CFO implemented the company’s first regular closing procedures and recruited a full-time global controller for the company. The TCRH CFO transitioned once a full-time CFO was in place.

TCRH’s Senior FP&A professional designed and deployed multiple models for the company and provided ongoing decision-making support to senior leadership and multiple functions within the business. These models included a long-term revenue and cash flow model, debt covenant reporting and forecasting, and a detailed revenue forecast. A regular forecasting cadence was designed and implemented to ensure accurate and timely forecasting for each of these models. TCRH also supported the design and implementation of Makosi’s first detailed budget. Once the new processes were developed, TCRH staff worked with Makosi’s BI and Engineering team to automate the reporting and much of the forecasting and trained the Makosi finance team to update and run the forecasting process on a regular basis.