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A certified woman- and LGBT-owned strategic leadership and diversity consulting firm that empowers leaders to drive positive organizational change and the future of work.

“Without the team at TCRH, my organization would not have had the sound financial footing to even consider an M&A event. Furthermore, without the TCRH team our recent M&A transaction simply would not have been possible. Having a trusted advisor to guide me through each phase in the process and ensure my interests were respected was paramount in the final, successful sale of my company.”

The Client

As a certified woman- and LGBT-owned strategic leadership and diversity consulting firm, this client understands how important it is to empower leaders to drive positive organizational change and the future of work in today’s rapidly changing business landscape. Based in New York City with a global presence, the team partners with HR, talent management, diversity and inclusion, and business leadership teams on change management efforts relating to human capital everywhere, from North America to Southeast Asia.

The Challenge and The Solution

The relationship between this client and TCRH dates back to 2018, when they were at a critical juncture. Demand for the firm’s consulting services was strong and growing, but the firm’s internal finance and accounting infrastructure lacked the necessary processes and controls to support this growth. A recent change in financial and operational leadership caused the founder/CEO to take a step back and reassess the needs of the firm to support long-term growth. Furthermore, the outsourced bookkeeping firm did not provide the necessary CFO support.

The decision was made to bring on The CEO’s Right Hand (TCRH) to provide a single, “full-stack” approach to managing all the finance and accounting functions. Working directly with the Executive Team, William Lieberman joined the team as a strategic financial advisor. In this capacity, he works directly with executive leadership (CEO, CRO, and COO) to help effect healthy change and navigate the challenges of growing a professional services practice. In addition, the TCRH team includes a fractional CFO and full-charge bookkeeper.

In 2023, the founder decided to sell part of the business. Given the enhanced operational condition of the company’s finances, the CEO was confident that TCRH would be able to assist during this complex journey. TCRH was an integral part of the deal process, from assisting in the very initial conversations with the principals to financial modeling, pitch deck work, interfacing with the attorneys, and even negotiating terms with a competing buyer along the way. The CEO had a vision to keep her keynote and speaking business separate from the sale and the TCRH team worked with her through the transaction to ensure she would be comfortable with any final outcomes. William Lieberman was a critical part of the negotiation process, walking the CEO through each step of the process, acting as her M&A advisor, and becoming a critical liaison with other transaction stakeholders.

The Results

With TCRH’s assistance, in March 2024, the company’s leadership successfully closed a transaction where it sold its consulting business to a strategic buyer. The new partnership will enable the client to expand its footprint across the U.S. significantly, as well as leverage the technology platform that the buyer has already built. The CEO is still involved in the consulting business and will help steward the ship over the coming years. She will also continue to expand her own keynote speaking, book writing, and other DEI thought leadership activities. So, it really was a win-win for her and the other members of the team.