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    Recently, in preparing for a major client renewal negotiation requiring us to evaluate the pricing for our enterprise software solution, we called upon The CEO’s Right Hand, and William Lieberman, to assist in a strategic analysis of our current pricing as well as to create a flexible model to enable us to create a new pricing structure for the client. Given his background as a CEO/CFO for an enterprise software company, William was able to offer great insight for our decision-making process. William was quickly able to translate our business into a easy to understand pricing model, which helped us successfully close the client for contract renewal. I recommend The CEO’s Right Hand to anyone who needs strategic financial help or Excel modeling assistance.
    CEO of CargoMatrix Inc.
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    William and his team at The CEO’s Right Hand are exactly what we needed to help us build a detailed financial model so that we could effectively evaluate and implement strategic decisions about the business. They have a unique ability to effectively understand new business models and then quickly translate that understanding into a detailed model that my management team and I could use to make better investment decisions. TCRH also was instrumental in helping us successfully manage through a complex credit facility renewal process with our bank. I highly recommend anyone that needs financial advice or hands on help to augment their staff to call them.
    Founder & CEO of Acadaca
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    There is no getting around that as a co-founder and ex-CEO/CFO of Xtiva, William is intimately familiar with all the inner workings of the firm. However, it was clear that after he left, we still needed financial guidance and assistance in fiscal planning. Therefore, I made the decision to hire The CEO’s Right Hand to help augment my finance and accounting functions. They have been invaluable to help across a variety of functions and projects: from rearchitecting our financial forecast/modeling tool, to assistance with our bank credit facility applications and renewals, interfacing with our outside auditors, working with the members of the Management Team to represent financial strategy as needed, and more. We are too small to need a full-time CFO, but we are too big to make it without the help from The CEO’s Right Hand.
    CEO of Xtiva Financial Systems
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    William Lieberman and Ed McCormick at The CEO’s Right Hand really helped to put together the financial story behind Bulletproof’s success so that I could share it effectively with potential investors. Because we were already running on all cylinders managing Bulletproof’s rapid growth, we simply didn’t have the resources to craft an effective and compelling investor presentation. It worked, and it rapidly accelerated our fundraising without causing me to take my foot off the accelerator to make time for the arduous task of preparing to raise capital.
    CEO of Bulletproof
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    Having The CEO’s Right Hand as part of the team has made a tremendous impact on our ability to not only see what has happened, but provides us with critical insight into where we are headed, enabling us to adjust our strategy and tactics to achieve our growth goals for the company. Without their help, we would be flying blind.
    Lawline, CEO & Founder
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    The CEO’s Right Hand is a major asset to the company. We would not be where we are today without their help over the past year. They quickly learned our business model and translated the finance and operational drivers into actionable goals for the entire team.
    Adgorithmics, CEO
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    TCRH has been a tremendous resource since Retro EV's inception. They helped us develop our business strategy and translate that into a financial model we’ve been able to use for the future of our company. They were quick to come up to speed on what we do and how. They are truly trusted advisors, who desire to help business owners grow, and we would not be as far along without them.
    CEO & Founder of Retro-EV