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    Having The CEO’s Right Hand as part of the team has made a tremendous impact on our ability to not only see what has happened, but provides us with critical insight into where we are headed, enabling us to adjust our strategy and tactics to achieve our growth goals for the company. Without their help, we would be flying blind.
    Lawline, CEO & Founder
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    The CEO’s Right Hand is a major asset to the company. We would not be where we are today without their help over the past year. They quickly learned our business model and translated the finance and operational drivers into actionable goals for the entire team.
    Adgorithmics, CEO
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    TCRH has been a tremendous resource since eDrive Retro’s inception. They helped us develop our business strategy and translate that into a financial model we’ve been able to use for the future of our company. They were quick to come up to speed on what we do and how. They are truly trusted advisors, who desire to help business owners grow, and we would not be as far along without them.
    eDrive Retro