The CEO’s Right Hand (“TCRH”) was founded because entrepreneurship runs in my blood. From the early days of starting my own consulting business while I was in college to creating a successful FinTech SaaS company, I’ve always found that building something, from the ground up, and with a great team is tremendously rewarding. From sourcing the people, to developing a product or service, to selling it and then depositing the first paycheck (the ultimate validation that you have delivered something of value), the process of creating something from nothing is like no other.

While building my software company, I joined the Entrepreneurs’ Organization (“EO”), a global non-profit organization and the world’s most influential community of entrepreneurs who engage leading other entrepreneurs, throughout the world, in opportunities to learn and grow. I quickly found camaraderie and support, in sharing likeminded challenges. Being part of such a connected group, provided me mentorship, access to learning programs, and the opportunity to attend global networking events that ultimately gave me and my company further exposure.

While a member, and with wishes to return the favor, I became a mentor to a dozen different companies whose founders were in the Accelerator program (smaller companies that were looking to grow to over $1 million in annual revenues). I shared my experiences in starting and growing several different companies with my “mentees” and provide valuable insights to them. Many of these founders are still close personal and professional friends of mine to this day.

Membership in EO and opportunities to be surrounded by inspiring businessmen and women uncovered my love for providing advice/counsel, or sometimes just an ear, to others who caught the same entrepreneurial bug that I had. It was a joy to provide perspective on thorny challenges that they may not have resolved on their own, due simply from lack of experience. To this day, I rely on the sage advice of my own mentors as I build TCRH.

In founding The CEO’s Right Hand, I knew I wanted to build a new kind of company; one that not only provided sound financial counsel to early stage growth companies, but also gave startup and small business founders the guidance that comes from having “sat in the seat once before.” We often say to prospective clients, “having been in your shoes, we know the landmines and how to avoid them.” Surviving the “dot-bomb,” going through workout with our commercial bank, closing a Series A round within weeks of our company running out of cash, and much more, me and my team lived through many difficult start-up situations. Personal experience allows our firm to help our clients immediately identify the red flags, assess their finances (strategy) and position them for sustained growth from a financial, accounting and tax perspective.

The CEO’s Right Hand provides a platform upon which we can leverage our years of experience as a founder(s)/entrepreneur(s) and enables us to help dozens of other companies, at whatever stage they are in, build out their dream.  Our vision for The CEO’s Right Hand and our promise to our clients has always been to help tell their story (in numbers), create high-level strategy and deliver implementable solutions to companies in a variety of industries (and geographies) to help raise capital, expand their service/product offerings, invest in new hires, make acquisitions, and increase revenue, so the Founders themselves can focus on building the business. What could be more rewarding than helping illustrate someone else’s story and success?