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Testimonial Hero specializes in producing compelling customer stories that accelerate audience decision-making, empowering you to close more deals faster.

“I don’t feel like there’s a finance, accounting, or HR challenge that TCRH isn’t equipped to help me solve. It helps me sleep well at night, it makes sure that I’m not flying blind, and it helps Testimonial Hero as a company take advantage of the opportunities that are in front of us.”

Sam Shepler, CEO of Testimonial Hero

The Client

Founded in 2017, Testimonial Hero specializes in producing compelling customer stories that accelerate audience decision-making so companies can close more deals faster. It provides done-for-you strategic video testimonials and written content that close trust gaps between you and your audiences.

The Challenge

As the Founder and CEO of Testimonial Hero, Sam Shepler would be quick to admit that running a business is not easy. The obvious challenges are developing a unique product or service, building a brand, and attracting customers. But what many overlook is the importance of robust financial management, strategic accounting, and effective human resources. Before partnering with TCRH, Sam found it surprisingly challenging to find proactive, strategic, and trustworthy help in these areas. He wanted a reliable partner who could provide the high-quality accounting, finance, and HR support he needed when he needed it.

The Solution

Testimonial Hero partnered with The CEO’s Right Hand (TCRH) to gain this support and has found that what really stands out about TCRH is its flexibility. TCRH offers a broad spectrum of services catering to every need of a growing business, from basic accounting and bookkeeping to M&A advisory, tax, financial modeling, and a suite of HR consulting services. These services would require seven different roles if Testimonial Hero wanted to fill them in-house.

Three factors ultimately drove the decision to go with TCRH: the ability to pay only for what they use, the high quality of its services, and the trust it quickly established by providing expertise across all of its offerings. With TCRH’s support, Sam Shepler gets not just finance, accounting, and HR support but peace of mind because he no longer feels like he is flying blind and is empowered to pursue growth opportunities as they arise.