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Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG)

Bulletproof creates and distributes nutritious beverages, snacks, and supplements directly to consumers and through online and brick-and-mortar retailers.

“William Lieberman and Ed McCormick at The CEO’s Right Hand really helped to put together the financial story behind Bulletproof’s success so that I could share it effectively with potential investors. Because we were already running on all cylinders managing Bulletproof’s rapid growth, we simply didn’t have the resources to craft an effective and compelling investor presentation. It worked, and it rapidly accelerated our fundraising without causing me to take my foot off the accelerator to make time for the arduous task of preparing to raise capital.”Dave Asprey, Chief Executive Officer

The Client

Founded in 2011, Bulletproof is a premier lifestyle brand that sells innovative coffee, ready to drink beverages, quality fats, proteins, collagen bars and other quality snacks, and dietary supplements for upgrading the mind and body. Bulletproof has successfully differentiated its products from the competition by merging the science of biohacking with its products and services. Bulletproof sells its products through a variety of channels, both direct and indirect, including major grocery chains, Amazon, direct-to-consumer, and has opened up retail storefronts as well.

The Challenge and The Solution

In 2015, the company received a Series A round of financing from Trinity Ventures.  As the company continued to grow, exceeding $50 million in revenues in 2016, the CEO, Dave Asprey, and Board of Directors  saw the opportunity to raise a Series B round of equity for expansion capital. Members of The CEO’s Right Hand (TCRH) worked in conjunction with the management team to develop a detailed 5-year forecast model for use in discussions with prospective investors. The financial model included detailed revenue models for ecommerce, wholesale, grocery, retail and ancillary products based on historical trends as well as forecast expansion opportunities and product introductions.

In addition, TCRH developed a comprehensive investor pitch deck, 2-page Executive Summary, press package or use in the investment process. Working collaboratively with the CEO, VP of Finance, and other members of the management team as well as company advisors, including legal counsel, TCRH was able to prepare the materials necessary to enable a successful close of this significant round of financing in Q2 2017.