Capital Raising

Lack of capital is often the most critical challenge that every successful business owner may face. Without diligent management of cash flow and a steady raise of more capital, the business can be constrained or, worse, face distress.


Capital Raising Overview

Our firm helps entrepreneurs and small business owners determine their feasibility in the market, develop proper use of funds, and fund amounts. Since capital raising is a combination of banking and consultancy services, we provide financial consultancy to our clients to help run, expand and modernize their business. A financial engineer for your business, if you will. We help companies raise growth equity or debt capital from investors. We also help companies secure lines of credit from bank and non-bank lenders.


Preparation for a Capital Raise

Prepare a business plan, an executive summary of the business plan and a presentation for investors.

Build your core team and assure your investors of your background and experience, as well as your vision for the company is relevant and meaningful.

Create your team of advisors who are experienced in raising venture capital, whether they are Board members, attorneys, accountants, professional investors or industry executives.

Create a target list of investors using key criteria to include industry sector, investment stage, geographic proximity, amount to be raise, comparable or competitive portfolio companies and potential investor contacts.


Practice Your Pitch

Work on the message…the story. Make sure you have the pitch polished and can answer the hard questions that will inevitably come. Use your advisors to practice so you become comfortable and can run through the pitch in about 20-30 minutes.


Types of Investors

  • Small Business Investment Companies
  • Venture Capital Firms
  • Angel Investors
  • Bank Lenders
  • Non-bank, mezzanine lender


How can The CEO’s Right Hand Assist You with a Capital Raise:

  • Management Preparation: Interview company management regarding the company’s vision, mission, capital structure (amount of money to be raised, valuation, share structure, etc.). This process allows us to help you effectively articulate and market the investment opportunity to investors.
  • Prepare Documentation: We develop or refine investor materials, including slide deck, executive summary, full business plan, and business plans/offering memoranda, as appropriate. In this process, we highlight the company’s management team, competitive advantages, and value proposition. We develop a well-defined exit strategy and demonstrate the high potential for return on investment. As a result, we can help you generate investor interest and encourage favorable investment terms.
  • Develop Investor Lists: We develop comprehensive lists of qualified investors from our extensive network and proprietary informational databases. We invest significant time and energy to identify and assess unique, creative sources of equity investment, including strategic investors.

“The CEO’s Right Hand is a major asset to the company. We would not be where we are today without their help over the past year. They quickly learned our business model and translated the finance and operational drivers into actionable goals for the entire team.”

Michael Kim

CEO, Adgorithmics

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