Tyler Jensen

Tyler Jensen

CFO Consultant

Tyler Jensen is a fractional CFO, with experience running all aspects of a company. He has led teams as a CEO, CFO, and in other leadership roles for over 250 companies in the past 16 years. This experience allows him to be more holistic and strategic in his approach and gives him a valuable perspective for companies <$30m.

Tyler’s experience includes:

  • Serving as Fractional CFO for 250+ CEOs in the last 15 years.
  • Starting, building, and selling his own company as CEO
  • Scaling a professional services company from $3-$16m in 5 years.
  • Growing a CPG company from idea to $10m in 4 years.
  • Specialized Industry Expertise in Professional Services, CPG, Technology, Sports/Wellness/Health Companies, Startups, and Event Planning
  • The Entrepreneur Operating System (EOS)

When he is not working, Tyler enjoys traveling (41 countries and counting), DIY projects, and building furniture – skills that come in handy when tackling complex financial challenges with a creative and solution-oriented mindset.

For more information, you can reach Tyler at tyler.jensen@theceosrighthand.co.