Santo Auriemma

Santo Auriemma

CFO Consultant

Santo Auriemma is a Fractional Chief Financial Officer focused on utilizing his wide-ranging experiences and team collaboration skills to optimize a company’s performance.

He possesses superior interpersonal skills, and these, combined with his ability to resolve complex issues, allow him to achieve employee peak performance. His extensive technology background and management skills have positioned him to take advantage of the existing marketplace regardless of the industry. His strategic vision allows him to grasp concepts quickly and apply his extensive experience to business tasks such as financial planning/analysis, the identification and pursuit of operational efficiencies, and, ultimately, profit optimization.

Specifically, in his role as Fractional CFO, he had the opportunity to contribute to many different industries. He worked in a manufacturing environment while at Eddie Kane Steel, where he was responsible for building and fabricating many different types of steel variants for replacement parts for products produced by companies like Elgin, JLG, and their competitors. Each product is intricate in its design and requires a multitude of production activities due to its complexities. His responsibilities included building systematized cost models to make pricing more effective and efficient, as well as developing a system of KPIs that determined various successes and failures within the manufacturing process. In addition, he assisted Summit Drilling in Bridgewater, NJ, and Eat Clean Bro in Freehold, NJ, to increase profitability by up to 70% over a 2-year period. In both cases, he and his team identified systematized models that quickly allowed pricing to keep pace with costs. While installing these changes, they put together KPIs to track the success of the business model, in addition to tracking success/failures as they relate to corporate goals in sales, marketing, and operations.

Santo is a graduate of Rutgers, the NJ State University. He attributes his accomplishments to his internal drive and the inspiration provided by his wife Anita and two lovely daughters. While not working with clients, he likes to travel, golf, attend college football games (Go Vols and Dukes!!) and work with his hands.