Russell Boedeker – CFO Consultant

Russell Boedeker has over 20 years of executive experience creating financial and operational capabilities. He has held the roles as CFO and COO at several companies ranging from a $2M startup to a $150M multinational company with multiple legal entities. As CFO he led an eCommerce retailing & wholesaling operation with both online and on-premises warehouse distribution. He also built an eCommerce SaaS business that sold inventory channel management software for eCommerce retail businesses. In his role as COO Russell led the sales & marketing organization, upgrading lead generation and improving sales conversion rates.

Russell has built four accounting & finance teams, led three successful ERP conversions with one being from QuickBooks, and has brought several companies into full GAAP compliance with unqualified external audit opinions. He has also been active in the M&A space, buying and selling several companies as well as leading post-merger integration projects. Russell has raised VC as well as PE funding and has successfully restructured over $100M in company debt.

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