Luke McKinnon

Luke McKinnon

CFO Consultant

Luke McKinnon is a highly experienced senior finance executive with a proven track record of driving superior business results. He is recognized for results-driven operational and leadership skills and for developing finance and accounting departments that significantly contribute to operational and strategic goals. He demonstrates exceptional process and people skills and the ability to partner with all functions within the business. Mr. McKinnon’s experience includes the following:

CFO at Hylan  – McKinnon led the restructure of the accounting department to meet the needs of the company as it doubled its revenues. He also led the integration of 3 acquisitions. Two of the acquisitions were carve outs which required developing and executing a plan to stand them up to operate on new systems, IT networks, and benefits. Thru the integrations, he worked closely with the PE investors to increase the ABL revolver to meet the cashflow needs of the larger organization. He led the effort and worked closely with several operations managers on a new ERP selection process.

CFO at Berger Holdings/Louis Berger – Mr. McKinnon was brought in to restructure the accounting, finance, tax, audit, and IT departments of this large International engineering and government contractor. The need to drive change throughout the organization was due to two federal investigations of fraud and FCPA violations. The company needed a leader to manage the change in order for the company to not be debarred by the federal and state governments. McKinnon led the effort to raise capital thru an ESOP, banks, and PE. He also led the executive steering committee on oversight on the implementation of a new ERP system. The system included the entire life cycle of a project from proposal tracking to closeout.

CFO at DMJM Harris/AECOM – McKinnon worked closely with the senior executive team on developing the annual strategic plan. He also led the due diligence, acquisition, and integration of 6 businesses. The integration included onboarding the employees, developing the annual budget, and oversight of operational performance.

Mr. McKinnon earned a BA in Math and MBA in Accounting from Rutgers University.

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