Ken Bock, CFO Consultant

Mr. Bock brings over 25 years of financial executive experience. Known for visionary strategic thinking and detailed financial planning; natural leadership; and fostering a high-performance, collaborative culture.

Significant accomplishments include providing financial advice to growth-oriented businesses. Ken’s professional competencies include:

  • Identifying and monetizing untapped opportunities
  • Building value by effectively expressing a company’s strength via quality financial statements
  • Developing innovative finance and investment solutions

Created groundbreaking funding platforms. Life insurers needed a solution to manage the mismatch between investment durations and funding sources. Ken devised a structured investment vehicle that became a significant funding source for the industry.

Turned around Munich American Capital Markets (“MACM”). Recruited as a special advisor to the American Re board of management, Ken recommended a turnaround strategy and was appointed CEO and board member of MACM.

He helps small to medium sized entities and prepare them for financial success and he’s worked with clients in fintech (e.g., risk management), insuretech (e.g., product design) and medtech (software and procedural solutions) companies.

Wealth management includes President and Chief Operating Officer of a start-up investment fund. The fund was liquid and transaction costs were minimal. The investor group included life insurance and annuity markets.

Ken received his MBA in Finance from NYU Stern School of Business and his Bachelor of Science in Economics from NYU.

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