Keith Eckert

Keith Eckert

CFO Consultant

Mr. Eckert is a senior finance executive with a history of success in strategic and operational roles. He is a results-oriented leader who partners with senior executives and board members to develop a shared vision for success and promote collaboration across all levels of an organization.

Keith has a proven track record of working with established companies as well as launching and turning start-ups into high-growth and profitable businesses. He excels at finding business-oriented solutions to complex business issues, driving performance and increasing operating efficiency, building, growing, developing and managing finance and administrative teams. His focus is in strategic/financial planning and analysis.

Keith was previously founding team member and Chief Financial Officer of EPIX, the premium television and digital entertainment subscription service, which was a joint venture of Viacom, Paramount Pictures, MGM and Lionsgate.  After successfully raising $258 million, the company was cash flow positive within 14 months of launch, hit profitability within 26 months, generated over  $185 million net revenue by year 7, and had a market value over $1.2 billion. He has since served as CFO consultant for software and technology platform companies.

Keith is currently a CFO Consultant for The CEO’s Right Hand, Inc. where he provides strategic advisory, financial and business development services for our client base.

Keith received his Masters in Business Administration in Finance and Accounting from Columbia University. He received a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science from Cornell University.

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