Joan Sebring

Joan Sebring

Director of Client Success

Joan Sebring is an accomplished COO/CFO with a long-standing history of success in growing a business in the most challenging of times. She is a transformation and change agent with longstanding success in expediting holistic improvement in operations, finances, competitive rankings, and customer satisfaction. 

Joan delivers powerful results driven by a passion for aligning internal and external stakeholder needs. She possesses the ability to quickly build relationships and assimilate into an organization to establish stakeholder trust and influence change. She has a reputation for communicating and collaborating with transparency, acting with integrity, and delivering on promises—always.

Joan has run her own coaching and consulting business over the last several years helping small businesses focus on the improvement of their financial and operating landscape. Prior to that, she was the COO of a division of a Global Fortune 500 Financial Services organization after serving several years as the head of FP&A for the same business. Joan also spent many years leading the finance team at a large publishing company serving the education market and started her career at a Big 4 accounting firm as an auditor.

Notable accomplishments:

  • Expanded operating margins by $10 million by leading strategic planning, business analysis, and change management with business partners resulting in a significant company transformation.
  • Accelerated hiring process 20% by implementing a technology that led to risk mitigation, financial accountability, process standardization, metric transparency, and a reduction in time to hire.
  • Improved front office team capacity 15% via the development of a business optimization tool that equipped managers with accurate and timely data to direct resources time toward market-focused activities.
  • Enhanced market share 5%-10% on key products by aligning strategic plans across various functions to create more targeted outreach & product offerings.
  • Implemented new automated billing system improving response time to clients and reducing errors 5%.
  • Identified and led the recovery of $2 million in accounts receivables.
  • Drove creation of an inside sales team supporting new structure through transformation and reorganization of finance, billing, and commercial teams leading to improved customer satisfaction.

Joan earned her MBA from Adelphi University and has a B.S. in accounting from King’s College.