Greg Essner

Greg Essner

CFO Consultant

Greg Essner is a financial executive with 35 years of broad experience in hedge funds, investments, accounting, finance, M&A, audit, internal controls and human resources.

Greg began his career in the audit division of KPMG (then Peat Marwick Mitchell). After being promoted to Senior and then Manager, in 1992 Greg moved to Triarc Companies, Inc., a public consumer products company, for an SEC financial reporting role and, through 2000, added responsibilities in the areas of accounting, employee benefits, M&A due diligence, treasury, risk management, audit and internal controls.

In 2000, Greg became Controller of FrontLine Capital Group, a public company that operated the largest provider of flexible officing solutions in the world and developed a network of e-commerce and e-service partner companies. In 2001, Greg returned to Triarc to be responsible for treasury and internal financial planning and assist with accounting, internal controls and investor relations. Greg then became the Chief Financial Officer of Trian Fund Management, L.P., an investment management firm started by Triarc’s principals, at Trian’s November 2005 launch.

Through his retirement from Trian in May 2019, Greg oversaw Trian’s finance, accounting, tax, information technology and human resources functions. During that period of time, Trian grew to a high point of $14 billion of assets under management after launching at $0.4 billion.

Since leaving Trian, Greg has been engaged in various finance-oriented projects. Greg received a B.B.A. in Accounting from Adelphi University and lives in New Jersey.

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