David Cox

David Cox

CFO Consultant

David Cox is an international technology and digital media executive, providing financial and operational leadership to high-growth businesses, from early-stage start-ups to divisions of larger companies.

As CFO/COO of The Economist Group’s Global Media business, David led its transformation from a product-focused business to an integrated service business, providing marketing programs and support to many of the World’s most respected organizations.

In recent years he served as the CFO of Informa’s America events business, with a focus on finance transformation and growth through M&A.

As a consultant in 2019/20, he undertook a number of financial advisory projects, including a family-owned communications business in Toronto, a well-known independent agency and music business in New York, and other “fractional” CFO projects.

David specializes in:

Redefining finance and reporting models – improving transparency around performance metrics and building strong banking and investor relationships.

Building best-in-class finance functions – his “player/coach” style of leadership helps in developing customer-focused finance teams and using technology to drive and scale businesses profitably.

Collaborating with CEOs and senior executive teams on growth and strategy – supporting (and challenging) them on M&A as well as organic opportunities.

Sourcing and implementing new technology and finance systems – that speed up processes and realize business and customer efficiencies.

For more information, you can reach David at DavidCox@theceosrighthand.co.