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My Dead Story

“I’ve been on the bus since I was 10 years old (I won’t say the year so I don’t date myself!). As I grew up I played a lot of sports, and was often the younger tag-along to the cool Disco high schoolers who all listened to the Dead. I just loved Go to Heaven and Alabama Getaway – it was the greatest stuff I had ever heard. My first concert was in 1985 at Nassau Colosseum and I had no idea what I was in for. At first glance I was terrified of all these bandana-wearing hippies, but by the second set I just knew I was HOOKED. I had found my people.

Fast forward to professional life and the constant networking that comes with it. I happened to run into member Scott Miller at the gym of all places, and in true networking fashion I invited him for coffee. It must have been an hour into the conversation before he dropped in, “By the way, do you happen to like the Grateful Dead? I got to introduce you to someone named Deb…” And the rest is history. I couldn’t be more thrilled to have found my way into Wall Street Dead aHead to keep this family alive and thriving alongside my business endeavors. I hope that being a WSDA sponsor allows me to pay some of the love forward and brings the good vibes to the next level.

Keep on Truckin’, family.

— Eric Meisner

Welcome! We’re stoked to meet another Deadhead (Weir Everywhere!), and we’re excited to learn more about you and your business needs. 

We typically work closely with small/medium businesses, acting as their financial business partners, to provide unique advisory, strategic planning, capital raising and exit planning solutions, flexible engagement terms, and access to our network of professionals. So whatever your challenger, there is Help On The Way from our cross-functional team of finance, accounting, FP&A and Sales/Income Tax professionals.
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