Sarah Appleton – CFO Consultant

Sarah Appleton, MBA and CFO Consultant, helps business owners reach their goals through intentional decision making and a clear financial path.

Sarah started her career in the finance and accounting departments in several Fortune 500 companies where she managed million-dollar government projects and led a project to consolidate a billion-dollar accounts payable team into one location.

After leaving large corporations, Sarah began working at a business in the private equity sector. In the role of Head of Finance, she managed a team of accounting and HR personnel to successfully mitigate a liquidity crisis as well coordinated risk management activities such as self-insured healthcare and property and casualty insurance programs. Sarah also provided support in the sale of the business to a four-billion-dollar company by developing relationships with lenders, investments bankers and the buyers.

After a two-year stay with the business, Sarah decided it was time for a new adventure where she could use her experience to make an impact in the growth and development of small businesses.

Sarah received her Bachelors of Science in Business Finance and a Masters of Business Administration from Trine University.

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