Jon D. Cunningham – CFO Consultant


Jon Cunningham is a senior executive and management/financial consultant with over 25 years of experience in launching new businesses, building organizational infrastructure, diversifying revenue lines, and growing overall enterprise value for shareholders and employees. He specializes in start-up, transaction readiness, high growth, and turnaround companies that are going through or preparing for outside funding and other M&A-related transaction activities.

Previously, Jon served as Co-Founder and Chief Financial Officer for Exodus Space Corporation, a world-class intergenerational engineering team developing aircraft, launch vehicles, and spacecraft since the Apollo era. Prior to joining Exodus, Jon was Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer for, which offers SaaS platforms and solutions, collaborative B2B software, and online proprietary software design and development. In this role, he managed acquisitions and created a cream exchange in addition to leading his team. Earlier in his career, Jon also served as an audit manager for Arthur Anderson.

Jon brings a wealth of experience working with companies from pre-revenue to $100MM ($20MM-$30MM in ARR) in a variety of industries including aerospace and rockets, payment gateways, SEO, real estate, etc.

Mr. Cunningham received a BBA in Accounting from Baylor University.

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