Cynthia Johnson, Senior Indirect Tax Consultant

Cynthia began her career 24 years ago working for a large oil and gas company. She has strategically built a tax brand and expertise over the years. She has a wealth of sales and use tax experience which includes sales tax compliance, audits, accounting and tax technology systems.

She has performed in many roles, such as tax manager, advisor and trainer.

As Tax Consultant, Cynthia possesses the ability to interpret the tax laws into simple language for any level of understanding. She has developed and facilitated sales tax training for the development of sales tax staff.

Cynthia is passionate about helping companies, of any size, automate their sales tax compliance processes and has experience with the following systems: Avalara, Vertex, OneSource, Taxify, Taxjar. She spent many years managing tax technology projects, customizing software and implementations as Avalara’s Senior Tax Consultant.

With the Wayfair economic nexus changes, Cynthia realizes this has caused new and additional compliance responsibilities, especially small to medium sized ecommerce and technology businesses. She knows the importance of focusing on the customers and sales side of a business with the assurance that tax compliance is managed appropriately and accurately. For this reason, she champions automation and partners with businesses to manage the complexities of sales tax collection and reporting in all the states.


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